Artist Profile

About Mary Milliken

About Me: My name is Mary Milliken and I was born February 9, 1998 in Tyumen, Russia. I was adopted when I was about ten months old and now I live in California in the United States with two loving parents, an identical twin sister, and two overly affectionate Border Terriers. I discovered my love for creating art when I was in the fourth grade when a boy complimented my art. From that day forward, I have been practicing drawing. I attended Mercy High School in Burlingame, California and participated in the art program. I joined the Art Honors Society and was a member for two years. During my fourth year of high school I had to construct a portfolio for the AP studio art class I was in and I chose to do a design portfolio. I graduated from the University of the Pacific in May 2020 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts.

Artist Statement: As an artist I want to create works of art that inspires people to create new things. My goal is to have my viewers to think outside the box and wonder about the world around them. I want to inspire people like great artists have inspired me. These great artists have created worlds like the ones in films and books. As a child, I loved pretending to be a part of those worlds. When I watched the Star Wars movies for the first time, I could not help but imagine myself in them. I loved, and still love, the whole idea of space traveling to unique planets and jedi knights fighting for peace in a far away galaxy. When I started playing video games as a teenager many new worlds were revealed. My cousins introduced me to my favorite game called Shadow of the Colossus. This game made me want to do concept art. The colossi that I love the most is Quadratus because of the beauty of the design of it. It makes me think of a dog made of the earth. The game design of Shadow of Colossus is wonderful. The graphics of the game on the PlayStation 2 were above its time. This video game inspired me to create new characters, creatures, and environments. So this is why I want to be a graphic designer, to inspire others.